Glen Ramersan


Glen Ramersan

Managing Partner, Head of Indonesia

Glen joins TNB Aura as a managing partner, covering operations, buy-side and sell-side opportunities in Indonesia.

Prior to TNB Aura, Glen has an extensive experience in banking and financial industry from his time building SI company that delivers high complex solutions, which includes core banking, anti-money laundering and risk management systems for major banks and governmental institutions in Indonesia.

Glen’s first internet venture was RoomMe. As CEO & cofounder, he raised 4 rounds of venture financing and led the company to be one of Indonesia’s fastest growing proptech startup.

Glen Graduated with a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Which famous person do you have the most chemistry with?

Mark Cuban. A bold serial entrepreneur and investor with unambiguous views and perpetual success doing what he loves.

Share an uncommon opinion you have.

Bored is only in the mind of the boring.

Outside of the office, what do you have a heart for?

Hiking, Diving, Skiing.

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