Jean-Anne Marie Wang


Jean-Anne Marie Wang

Investment Analyst

Jean-Anne Marie Wang is an Investment Analyst at TNB Aura. Her interest in Venture Capital started 3 years ago, when she joined a Venture Capital and Private Equity club in university. Thereafter, she has had a few internship stints at VCs. Jean-Anne graduated from Singapore Management University with a Bachelor of Business Management and a major in Finance.

Share an uncommon opinion/belief that you have.
The Bermuda Triangle is real.

Name your top 3 hustle essentials.
8 hours of sleep, hype music, and most importantly, foooood.

Outside of the office, what do you have a heart for?
I love dogs and have one myself, a cavapoo who I absolutely adore. I enjoy being active, through gymming and playing sports, and am currently working towards being fairly decent at tennis and wakeboarding one day. I also have a heart for travelling and exploring new places, to work towards my goal of visiting every country at least once.

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