Jean-Anne Marie Wang


Jean-Anne Marie Wang


Jean-Anne Marie Wang is an investment team member at TNB Aura. She holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree with a major in Finance, which she earned from Singapore Management University.

Her journey into the world of Venture Capital began four years ago when she joined APECS, a Venture Capital and Private Equity club at her university. This pivotal step paved the way for her to gain experience through various roles at January Capital and Insignia Ventures Partners, where she discovered her true passion for the VC and startup ecosystem.

Currently, Jean-Anne focuses primarily on the dynamic markets of Singapore and Vietnam. She serves as a Board Observer for select portfolio companies, where her expertise is instrumental in refining their strategies and optimising their operations.

Share an uncommon opinion/belief that you have.

Every cloud has a silver lining; you just have to look for it.

Name your top 3 hustle essentials.

Good sleep, lots of water, and most importantly, food.

Outside of the office, what do you have a heart for?

Outside the office, my heart is devoted to caring for my beloved dog, and I eagerly anticipate quality time with my loved ones on the weekends. I also enjoy staying active through sports, hitting the gym, exploring new destinations when travelling, and, more recently, immersing myself in the joy of reading.

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