AcadArena is building a ‘Real World RPG’ bringing together online and offline communities, starting with colleges and high schools. Students progress by completing quests both in the game and in their everyday lives by competing in esports tournaments, learning career skills and contributing to their campus clubs.

The team behind AcadArena pioneered the campus gaming movement at Twitch, Riot Games and Blizzard. Over 150,000 students across 2000 schools across Southeast Asia and Brazil are part of the AcadArena network since its founding in 2019.
AcadArena also produces CONQuest Festival, one of the largest pop culture events in the region -- bringing together more than 40,000 people to Manila each year.


Q&A with Co-Founders of Acadarena

What is AcadArena's daily mantra?
"Keep building what we wish we had as students." All of us came together because of a shared desire to have something like this when we were still in school and being part of our campus clubs.

What is AcadArena's vision?
To create the future of communities through the power of gaming, pop culture and shared identity.

When not hustling for AcadArena, what do you have a heart for?
For Kevin, it's breakdancing -- he was a b-boy for most of his life. For Ariane, it's tabletop games -- she's a DND dungeon master! And for me (Justin), it's competitive fighting games -- I started my career out covering local FGC events and competing at a semi-pro level.

Share an uncommon belief you have?
Until AcadArena, none of us really thought about this whole venture-backed startup stuff -- and we believe we probably never would have delved into it if we didn't care about campus gaming so much. The mission put us on a life path we couldn't see ourselves in just a couple of years ago.

What’s the story behind how AcadArena met TNB Aura?
A coffee chat scheduled by chance through a mutual partner, during a trip to Singapore that almost didn't happen! We'd been looking for a co-lead with Southeast Asian market expertise, but few clicked with us the way TNB Aura did in that first meeting. We'd almost say it was destiny.

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