Ematic Solutions was built with a mission to drive real value for companies large and small with their digital marketing.

Established in 2013, Ematic Solutions started by transforming email marketing into an ROI machine. Since then, the company has quickly grown and transformed into a Marketing Technology Agency where they are committed to being the one-stop-solution for all your marketing technology needs.

Ematic is headquartered in Singapore with a rapid expansion network that has spread across SEA countries and is continually growing. Today, they operate in 11 countries - Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Bosnia, Hongkong, India, and Australia (and more offices currently in the works).


Q&A with Paul Tenney, Co-Founder of Ematic Solutions

What is Ematic's daily mantra?

No overdue tasks. Ematic believes in keeping our work "in front of us" and making sure any overdue tasks are attended to every single day.

What is the most uncommon thing you own?

3 paintings from Cris Kirkwood from The Meat Puppets. I aspire to build a broader art collection from famous musicians.

Which famous entrepreneur do you have the most chemistry with?

Ben Chestnut from MailChimp. Like Ematic, they also started off as an agency and build technology that was "missing" from the ecosystem by spotting a common problem for many of their customers. It's one of the most successful tech products in the history of the world, and I had the privilege of meeting Doug Chestnut (that's a very "inside" joke...)

Share something uncommon about you

My co-founder used to call me "Mr Manual" because if something needed to get done fast, sometimes brute force is faster than an engineered solution. I am 100% in favor of doing things manually the first time, then engineering a solution later if it looks repeatable and scalable.

Describe your relationship with TNB Aura in less than 10 words.

TNB Aura doesn't care how a situation came about - only what to do next.

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