gush, a Singapore-based advanced materials company, aims to create and provide innovative products that improve living spaces and environments. Its solutions help a spectrum of spaces, including residential, commercial and business environments.

The company’s flagship product is an air purifying and volatile organic chemical (VOC)-free cair interior paint, which has been used in more than 1,700 residential projects and over 50 commercial projects, including Thomson Medical, Farrer Park Hospital and Changi Beach Club.

gush helps you take charge of your interior environment by transforming your walls, the biggest surface area around us, into a tool that purifies your air, so that your loved ones can breathe better and live better.


Q&A with Ryan Lim and Lester Leong, Co-Founders of gush

What is gush's daily mantra?

No fate but what we make.

What is gush's vision?

Gush wants to empower our users to change the world, one surface at a time.

Name your top 3 hustle essentials.

I enjoy the serenity of the dawn and thoroughly believe that a strong start launches you into the right mindset for the rest of the day. I can usually be found up at 6 where I do some weightlifting, followed by meditation, a cold shower and some language lessons before planning out the rest of my day and diving into problem-solving mode.

What's the most uncommon piece of advice have you got?

Our mentor once told us that running a company is like 'racing a marathon'. Once you're on the track, strap up those laces because you're in for a wild ride.

Describe your relationship with TNB Aura in less than 10 words.

Fatherly - nurturing, while allowing space for growth. And occasional single-malts.

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