Southeast Asia’s First D2C Electric Motorbike

ION Mobility is Southeast Asia’s leading EV mobility technology startup that is building price-to-performance superior, smart/connected alternatives to gasoline motorcycles in the 110-250cc segment.

ION Mobility is driven by their mission for clean air through better mobility through cutting edge technology and providing seamless user experiences.

ION Mobility is driving the next frontier of the automotive industry by developing desirable mobility solutions to provide clean alternatives for urban users, not only to alleviate urban air pollution but to lead the next generation of EVs in this region.


Q&A with James Chan, Founder of ION Mobility

Share a few short sentences that illustrate ION Mobility's hustle.

We founded the company at the start of the global COVID pandemic. Without flying to see or work alongside each other, we’ve raised millions of dollars while building out our team of over 30 multi-disciplinary designers, engineers and operators that span disparate fields of industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, embedded systems, EV battery packs and powertrain and software. On a daily basis, we cut across domains, languages, cultures and markets while collaborating across 3 offices (Singapore, Shenzhen and Jakarta). All to build the best possible EV motorbike for SE Asia! RAWR!

What is ION Mobility's vision and mission?

Our vision is to transform the lives of SE Asian consumers and our environment through the adoption of electric mobility and energy storage in our daily commutes, homes and lives. We are committed to creating great products and seamless user experiences for customers. Our products combine advanced software and hardware technology with human-centered design to deliver smart mobility and energy storage that are for everyone to use, everyday.

What is the most uncommon thing you own?

I own 7 Mystic land plots in the Axie Infinity universe. No, it doesn’t require a disproportionate carbon footprint for mining of any sort, unlike Bitcoin.

When not hustling for ION Mobility, what do you have a heart for?

I was one of three Singaporeans that co-founded The Birthday Collective, a Company-Limited-by-Guarantee that’s run like a non-profit. I also seeded the organisation with a S$25,000 gift, to jumpstart its vision to serve as Singapore’s “Brain, Heart and Hand trust”.

What’s the story behind how ION Mobility met TNB Aura?

I first met Vicknesh years ago, just before TNB Aura was started. I reconnected with Vicknesh and Charles through an advisor of TNB Aura’s shortly after starting the company. The mutual chemistry was immediate and electric as we both cut to the chase pretty quickly and aligned on the vision.

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