Ralali provides solutions for MSMEs to make it easier for them to supply business needs from various trusted suppliers easily, safely and reliably.

Founded in 2013, Ralali.com continues to grow to have 13,000 Sellers, 155,000 Buyers, 530,000 transactions and 3,000,000 web visits per month.

Ralali.com introduces the online vertical Business Innovation Group (BIG) market, where they have grouped various suppliers and products from various specific business categories ranging from culinary business product needs (BIG Resto), office business (BIG Office), automotive business (BIG Auto), retail-needs business (BIG Mart), building materials business (BIG Home), reseller-needs business (BIG Market) and service business (BIG Agent).


Q&A with Joseph Aditya, Founder of Ralali

What is Ralali's daily mantra?

Business Starts Here

What is Ralali's vision?

To help 10 million SME Retailers source their business needs.

Which famous entrepreneur do you have the most chemistry with?

William Tanuwidjaya

Share something uncommon about you / an uncommon belief you have?

Everybody is unique and everybody deserves a second chance.

Describe your relationship with TNB Aura in less than 10 words.

TNB Aura has been a Partner to Grow as VC, Kudos!

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