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Zipmex lets everyday people trade, save and earn crypto easily, safely and securely, and is driven by their mission to give the next billion users access to new trade and investment possibilities via innovative and industry-leading products.

Zipmex is the only exchange operating and legally compliant across Thailand, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia, offering a secured and insured platform in every transaction. Since their launch in late 2019, they have had over $1 billion in gross transaction volume and are ready to lead the crypto boom for the next generation of digital wealth builders.


Q&A with Marcus Lim, CEO & Founder, Zipmex

What is Zipmex's daily mantra?

Stop waiting for what’s next. Start making next happen.

What is Zipmex's vision?

To create a world where anyone with internet connection has access to a world of assets. Through a simpler, smarter crypto economy that works harder for everyone, people from Singapore to Sydney, Bangkok to Bandung can wake up to a world of possibilities. Imagine that.

What is the most uncommon thing you own?

An apartment building in Sydney that used to be Wrigley’s chewing gum factory, and is 100 years old.

When not hustling for Zipmex, what do you have a heart for?

Spending time with my wife and dog (Toy-poodle) - parks and walks, visiting pet friendly cafes. I also enjoy watching past interviews of famous leaders, politicians and statesmen, as well as catching up with my dad on a regular basis as most of my family is in Australia.

What’s the story behind how Zipmex met TNB Aura?

I’d known Charles since 2016 when I first arrived back in Singapore to work on my previous start-up, OneCash. Back then, TNB Aura just started out and I was subsequently introduced to Vicknesh as well.