As the first social commerce platform in Indonesia, Super aims to solve economic inequality across cities for Indonesia’s future economy.

Super is also the first consumer technology company in Indonesia backed by Y Combinator, which oversees the main feature, SuperAgen, which is agent-led commerce that enables community leaders to become retailers within the communities.

Super utilises technologies to empower community leaders to become self-made entrepreneurs by enabling them to sell various products to their communities, and build a logistics network with the lowest cost. Super facilitates communication for social-buying behavior so agents can sell various products through social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Super is ready to build the number one social commerce network in Southeast Asia.


Q&A with Steven Wongsoredjo, Co-Founder & CEO of Super

Share a few short sentences that illustrates Super's hustle.

It seemed so unfair that a mother in rural Indonesia could buy only one cup of milk for US$1, while that same dollar could buy you two or three cups in Jakarta. Every day we hustle for Indonesian rural areas’ households to have a better quality of life.

What is Super's daily mantra?

In this competitive landscape, fighting as and for the underdog is what we stand for at Super

What is Super's vision?

We are building social commerce with a backbone of the hyperlocal supply chain to solve the unequal economic and distribution across tier 2, tier 3 cities, and Indonesia rural areas. Super wants to build an app conceived and developed in Indonesia’s villages. One day, the world will hear the story of Super from the Indonesian villages.

Which famous politician do you have the most chemistry with?

I am a big fan of Nelson Mandela who fought as an underdog and finally can become the President of South Africa. During his leadership, he could bring unity to its nation, and one quote that sticks in my head “ it always seems impossible until it’s done.

What is something about working together that has left an impression on you?

They are great friends - though we may be chatting about work with TNB Aura, it feels as though we are catching up with our best friends.

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