Teko was established in 2017 with the mission of "Changing people's lives by providing great experiences on the Internet"​.

Starting off as an omni-channel middleware for retail, Teko Group has evolved into the leading new retail company in Vietnam. The group has established strong presences across retail and e-commerce value chains including: VNShop, the most trusted e-commerce marketplace; Phong Vu, the leading omni-channel ICT retailer; Karavan, the leading B2B e-commerce platform; and Teko, the leading O2O digital enabler.

Following the latest integration with the VNLife ecosystem, Teko Group is able to leverage the resources across its businesses and network for further opportunity creation and cost optimization. Teko is on the right path to change people’s lives in Vietnam with technology and innovations.


Q&A with Binh Mai Thanh, Co-founder and COO of Teko

What is Teko's daily mantra?

Change is the only constant, we need to adapt everyday to be able to stay relevant. We focus on building a team that is able to move quickly through changes, our processes are also constantly molding to adapt to new business requirements as well as new team dynamics.

What is Teko's vision?

To be the technological backbone for supply chain optimization in Vietnam!

Which famous entrepreneur do you have the most chemistry with?

Elon Musk, he makes it clear what is important for him and put his heart & soul into it. Also he puts the common good above his own personal interests!

Share an uncommon belief you have?

I believe in minimalism, which is why now I only buy what I absolutely need, hence I don't actually own much. This is partially due to my concern for the environment, but I've also realised that by simplifying what I own, it helps declutter my mind, and help me focus on what is really important in life.

Describe your relationship with TNB Aura in less than 10 words.

Highly collaborative, and we learn a lot from each other.

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