Zenyum is on a mission to help Asia smile more.

Zenyum is a consumer-focused healthcare brand that removes medical jargon, cancelled appointments, price variations and puts convenience at the centre of your smile journey. The result? Affordable dental treatment that actually works.

Founded in 2018 in Singapore, Zenyum provides Smile Cosmetics, produced under the highest quality standards. Led by a team of experienced tech entrepreneurs and doctors, they bring the highest level of care to our customers by partnering with experienced local dentists across Asia. Zenyum operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Q&A with Julian Artope, Co-Founder & CEO of Zenyum

What is Zenyum's vision?

Zenyum designs products & experiences that spread smiles across Asia.

We aim to create and lead a new category: Smile Cosmetics. Zenyum channels tech and innovation to transform the dental category from a boring chore to an exciting ritual.

We are one of Asia’s largest consumer brands in the making.

Name your top 3 hustle essentials.

I love a good coffee and recently discovered the difference it makes when you grind your own beans - that was a complete game changer for me. Other than that I journal every morning, answering five questions that check-in on my focus for the day as well as on the habits which I try building. I’m truly not a morning person, but both these things help me to start into the day with much more energy and excitement about what’s to come.

When not hustling for Zenyum, what do you have a heart for?

I like physical activities that leave time for mental reflection. Two examples: Gardening and Yoga. Watering or pruning plants is a meditative activity for me that opens up a mind space to just let thoughts in which in a heavily scheduled calendar wouldn’t fit otherwise. I also do 90 minutes of hot yoga regularly, which completely exhausts you on a physical level but creates the time and space to reflect on an intense week or an interesting business problem.

What is something about working together that has left an impression on you?

We had a discussion within the Board once about a partnership which we’d like to open up. Joe from TNB Aura actually went out of his way to open that conversation, cold-calling until he found the right contact. Today it’s a big distribution and source of revenue for us. I very much like to know that we have a partner that has the same level of drive and hustle for Zenyum as we do internally.

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